3 Ways To Fix Coleman Roadtrip Grill Not Getting Gas

coleman roadtrip grill not getting gas
coleman roadtrip grill not getting gas

The Coleman grills are famous for their portability and convenience. It might be somewhat expensive for some people but it will make your road trips far more enjoyable. It is small in size and you can assemble this device quickly and start grilling your favorite meat.

You need to attach a gas cylinder to this grill before you start grilling. However, a lot of customers have mentioned that they are not getting any gas in their Coleman Road trip grill after connecting the gas cylinder. If you’re in the same situation then here is what you should do.

How to Fix Coleman Roadtrip Grill Not Getting Gas?

  1. Check Regulator

A faulty regulator is one of the most common causes of this problem. Your gas cylinder is connected to the regulator and then the regulator manages the pressure and supply of gas to your portable grill. However, if the regulator is faulty then you will get little to no gas on your portable grill. Luckily, replacing the regulator on the Coleman Road trip grill is not that difficult.

Depending upon the model of your Coleman Road trip grill, the regulator will be installed on the back of your portable grill. You might have to use some basic tools to remove the faulty regulator. After removing the old regulator, you just have to line up the inner tube with the inlet on the portable grill.

After checking the contact points, you can just tighten up the outer nut on your regulator to keep the inner tube in place. Then you can just connect the gas cylinder to check if you’re getting any gas from the Coleman grill.

  1. Reconnect Propane Tank

If you believe that there are no issues with the regulator on your Coleman grill then you should check the propane tank. Turn off the tank and then remove it from the regulator. Make sure that the tank is properly turned off and then try connecting the tank with the Coleman grill again.

You also need to verify the gas levels in the propane tank and make sure that it is filled. It is possible that due to the low gas pressure on your propane tank, you can’t get any gas in your Coleman Road trip grill. To eliminate the propane tank issues, you should just try installing a new tank, as your current propane tank might be defective.

  1. Call Coleman

Almost every single time, the gas supply issue can be traced back to a faulty regulator. However, it might not be that easy to get your hands on a regulator replacement. This is why you need to call Coleman and tell them about the issue. They are well aware of the defective regulators are will help you get a replacement as soon as possible.

You might have to share the serial number on your Coleman grill with the support members and they will send you a replacement after verification. The installation procedure is not complicated at all and you just have to unscrew the old regulator to install the new one. Installing the new regulator will fix the gas issue.

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  1. This roadtrip grill is the worst grill we have ever had. We bought it last year , used it a few times now. Now it will not stay lite. We are not very happy. It is so disappointing because we had one before this for 8 years NO problem until we bought this.


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