3 Common Coleman CT200U Problems (Troubleshooting)

coleman ct200u problems
coleman ct200u problems

Coleman is a famous company from America that is mostly known for manufacturing equipment for recreational vehicles. The brand has tons of other gears available as well which include camping gear.

These range from tents to stoves and even LED lights. However, one other popular thing that the company has come up with that you might be unaware of is their electrical bike. The Coleman CT200U is a mini bike from Coleman that comes with numerous features.

The small vehicle is quite easy to carry and you can even take it with yourself in your RV. Aside from this the bike comes with a total horsepower of 6.5 and can go up to 19 mph. Considering its small size, this is a lot of speed and you can easily use it to roam around on your trip.

Although, while the bike is amazing to use, there are also some issues that people have complained about. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with some common problems that can be found on the Coleman CT200U.

Coleman CT200U Problems

  1. Grinding Sound When Driving

One of the most common problems that people have reported with this mini electrical bike is that while they are driving around. The users can hear grinding sounds coming from the vehicle.

This might scare you at first, though you should note that the problem can easily be fixed. The first thing that you should do is to check if anything is stuck on your bike. Sometimes the gears in your bike can get stuff stuck in it like small rocks or something similar.

Although, you can simply remove these with your hand or by using a stick to push them out. On the other hand, if you notice that the gears are completely clean. Then the problem is being caused by your clutch instead.

This requires you to keep it lubricated with oil. However, many users forget to do so and the clutch eventually starts to make noises. If you had also not lubricated your clutch system with oil the doing so will fix this issue.

However, you must do this as soon as possible because driving around the bike while the clutch is grinding can be quite dangerous. This can even damage the system or break it at times.

If this happens then you will have to get the entire clutch replaced which is why it is better that you prevent this. Additionally, keep in mind that trying to get a replacement clutch will be both expensive and hard to get.

  1. Metal Clanking Sound While Driving

Another common issue that many users have reported is also a sound that comes from the vehicle. This is a clanking sound that is similar to two pieces of metal hitting each other. Before you get into any fixes.

It is better that you carefully observe the sound. There are two different problems that you can find on your vehicle which can be identified with a sound.

Considering this, you must pin down if the problem is from the clutch system or metals clanking. If you confirm that the problem is with clanking then this should be coming from the fork bolt of your Coleman CT200U.

This gets loose with time and will start to chatter when you throttle your bike. Considering this, you can sit on your bike and try moving the handle completely left and right.

This will help you in confirming if the fork has come loose or not. Simply tightening it should fix the problem you are getting. Though, keep in mind that this can happen again which is why it is important that you lookout for it.

  1. Clutch Broken

Sometimes even if you oil the clutch, it will still give you trouble when driving around. As mentioned above, it can be quite difficult to find a replacement for this part. However, the one manufactured by Coleman is considered to be quite bad.

This is why one recommendation is to install a new clutch system in your bike that is not from the company. One of the best ones around that you can get is the Max Torque clutch. However, there are other options available as well that you can get.

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