3 Common Coleman CT200U Problems (Troubleshooting)

Coleman CT200U Problems
Coleman CT200U Problems

The Coleman CT200U is an incredible mini bike used by thousands of beginners all over the world. Not only is it compact, but also easier to ride than a regular-sized bike, making it an excellent option for beginners.

Despite its compact size, it can reach high speeds, which has impressed many users. It runs on gasoline and features a powerful engine to offer the best riding experience.

No matter how durable the Coleman CT200U mini bike is, it is susceptible to many problems, just like every piece of machinery. These problems can kill all the fun and must be fixed to restore the normal functioning of your Coleman CT200U mini bike.

We have been filtering user reviews to isolate the common problems, and we have some simple fixes to put the smile back on your face. Let’s dig deeper without any further ado!

Coleman CT200U Problems

Some common problems associated with the Coleman CT200U mini bike are mentioned below.

1. Grinding Sound When Driving

There have been many complaints about the grinding sound in the Coleman CT200U mini bike. Of course, no one likes a noisy bike, regardless of how aggressive or quiet it is.

If you hear a grinding sound while driving the Coleman CT200U mini bike, there is definitely something wrong that needs your attention.

Therefore, turn it off and troubleshoot this problem right away. If neglected, it could balloon into something worse and cost you an awful lot of money on repairs.

Brake Pads

Worn-out brake pads are the usual culprits for this problem. Without an iota of doubt, brake pads are crucial components of the braking system of your Coleman CT200U mini bike.

Coleman Bike Brake Pad

They are responsible for creating the friction that stops your bike. However, they are not designed to last forever. Like every other rubber product, they also wear out over time and lose their properties.

Brake pads are pretty durable and can last several years. However, their life span depends on many factors. From road conditions to your braking style, there are many factors that can reduce their lifespan.

If you apply brakes forcefully, they will likely not achieve their average life span and wear out sooner, and when they do, you will hear a grinding sound when applying the brakes.

Many manufacturers nowadays place metal ridges under the brake pads to alert the user that the pads have worn out. Besides that, a vibrating brake pedal is another common symptom often associated with bad brake pads.

So, if the brake pedal feels vibrating when you press it, take a look at the brake pads of your Coleman CT200U mini bike.

If the brake pads have gone bad, you need to act immediately to ensure your safety and prevent the entire brake system from failing. You may still be able to drive your Coleman CT200U mini bike, but the brakes will be less responsive.

Of course, since brake pads produce friction, your brakes won’t work properly if the brake pads are faulty. So, you will need to replace them to fix this problem.

It is important to note that the brake pads of your Coleman CT200U mini bike can cause grinding noise, even if you do not see any signs of wear and tear. This is because some brake pads do not perform well against humid conditions and start emitting grinding noise.

Once you have replaced the brake pads, apply the brake to see whether they still make the grinding noise or not. If they do, proceed to check the wheel bearings of your Coleman CT200U mini bike.

Wheel Bearings

A wheel bearing is an important component of the wheel assembly of your Coleman CT200U mini bike. It effectively reduces the rolling friction, thus allowing for smooth rotation of the wheels.

The wheel bearings usually fail when you drive on muddy terrains. Dust particles from those surfaces can get stuck inside the bearings and cause damage.

If the sound increases as the speed of your mini bike increases, it means that the wheel bearings are to blame.

Consider replacing the bearings at the earliest, as the situation can worsen with every turn. Furthermore, driving a mini bike with bad wheel bearings can also lead to an accident.

Replace Wheel Bearing

Excessive fuel consumption is another symptom of bad wheel bearings. As mentioned earlier, these bearings work to reduce rolling friction.

Therefore, if they are not working fine, the increased friction will make your Coleman CT200U mini bike work harder than usual, consuming more fuel. Considering the hiking fuel prices, it can cost you quite some money in the long run.

If you’ve been using the mini bike for some time, you’d know about its average fuel consumption. So, if you notice that your mini bike has started using more fuel than it normally does, get the bearings replaced ASAP.

Replacing the wheel bearings is a pretty straightforward process. Remove the wheel first and place it on the blocks. Then, you will need to take out the seals using a screwdriver

If the seals do not come off easily, you can use a heat torch to remove them. Then, take out the worn-out wheel bearings and replace them with new ones.

2. Gears Getting Stuck

Many users have complained about the gears problem while using the Coleman CT200U mini bike. According to them, they get stuck sometimes for no apparent reason. This situation can be quite frustrating as you won’t be able to change the gears smoothly.

The solution to this problem can be as simple as lubricating the gears. Proper lubrication reduces friction and allows you to shift through gears easily. If you haven’t lubricated your gears for a long time, the chances are that applying a few drops of lubricant will resolve the issue.

Apply lubricant

However, if the problem persists, there could be a deeper problem. If you lack skills and knowledge, you are better off leaving it to a professional. They will examine the gear system thoroughly and diagnose the problem.

3. Broken Clutch

The clutch of the Coleman CT200U mini bike can also get damaged due to age-related wear and tear. If you face difficulty while changing gears, you are probably dealing with a broken clutch.

Besides, you may also hear unpleasant sounds coming from your bike. If it has been damaged, it would be better to install a new clutch system.

The Bottom Line

The Coleman CT200U mini bike stands out for its exceptional performance and durability. However, it is plagued by several problems. If you notice a grinding sound emanating from your mini bike, it could be due to worn-out brake pads or wheel bearings.

Its gears can also get stuck occasionally, which can be fixed by lubricating. We have mentioned all common Coleman CT200U mini bike problems and their potential fixes in this article.

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