3 Common Coachmen Leprechaun 311FS Problems

coachmen leprechaun 311fs problems
coachmen leprechaun 311fs problems

When it comes to going out on long camping trips. You will notice that most enthusiasts stay for weeks and months at times. Considering this, trying to live outside in a camp will start to get annoying after a few days. This is why most of these users purchase large vehicles like motorhomes and RVs for themselves. These come with numerous features built into them that will ensure they have a fun time.

Some of these include having furniture that you can rest and even sleep on. Additionally, you can use electrical appliances whenever you want to. Considering all this, having an amazing motorhome will be the best choice for camping enthusiasts. The Coachmen Leprechaun 311FS is an amazing vehicle but it is also known for having some problems. This is why we will be using this article to list a few common issues that you can run into along with ways that will fix them.

Common Coachmen Leprechaun 311FS Problems

1. Stability Problem

Having furniture installed in your vehicle ensures that people can comfortably rest in it. Although, one of the most common problems that people run into with the Coachmen Leprechaun 311FS is an unstable ride. If you are also getting the same issue then you will understand that the furniture in your vehicle is not enough to stay comfortable.

While a little sway or instability is normal for a large motorhome like this. If this has started to go overboard then you should look into your vehicle. The first reason why you can get this problem is if the weight in your motorhome is not distributed evenly. This can cause the pressure from all of this load to pinch one side of your vehicle causing problems.

Simple distributing all of this weight will help you in getting rid of the issue. Other than this, the tires on your coach also play a huge role in how it will perform. This is exactly why it is recommended that you keep the tires on your coach at the recommended air levels at all times. The process ensures that your vehicle stays stable throughout your trip.

Talking about this, one complaint from a lot of people is that they find it annoying having to check the tires from time to time. This is why one solution is that they get a pair of tire sensors for their vehicle. These will ensure that the user is kept notified about the PSI rating on their tires at all times. You can even set up the system to send you alerts whenever the air levels start to go below a specific value.

2. Electrical Issues

Another common problem reported by a lot of people is related to the electrical devices in these vehicles. Before you get into any technical fixes, you should check the wires for your appliances. Sometimes the problem can simply be from the power cables coming off from the main outlet. Alternatively, your socket might have gotten loose which is causing the wire to come off.

Whatever the case might be, simply installing the power cable tightly into your outlet should help in fixing the problem. However, if it does not then you will have to check if the sockets in your coach are running fine. You can use a voltmeter to take readings of the current flowing through your outlet.

If the results seem lower than normal or if the current is fluctuating. Then there is something wrong with your socket. Replacing it with a new one should fix the problem you were getting. Although, if all the sockets in your motorhome are giving the same issue. Then you will have to check the batteries and generator in your vehicle depending on which one you use.

3. Contact Support Team

Finally, if you are still running into problems with your vehicle even after going through the steps mentioned above. Then there is a high chance that there is something wrong with the equipment in your Coachmen Leprechaun 311FS.

Aside from this, even if you have some furniture in your vehicle that was faulty then all of these problems require you to contact the support team for this brand. They will ask you to provide detailed information about the issue. After this, the company should be able to help the user in getting rid of all the problems they were getting.

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