3 Most Common Carlisle Trailer Tires Problems

carlisle trailer tires problems
carlisle trailer tires problems

Motorhomes and RVs are large vehicles that come with numerous features on them. Most of these are designed so that people who enjoy going out on long camping trips can feel comfortable. Some of these features include having lots of storage to keep all of your luggage in. You even can use electrical appliances while you are traveling. Although, one of the best things is having lots of rooms that you can rest or cook for yourself in.

With that being said, you should keep in mind that there are also many problems these vehicles can run into. One of the most common issues that you will notice people complain about is the tires on these motorhomes. The Carlisle Trailer tires are one of the most popular wheels that you can get but even these have some problems. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a list of common issues along with ways to fix them.

Common Carlisle Trailer Tires Problems and Their Solutions

1. Stability Issues

One of the most reported issues on Carlisle trailer tires is that the vehicle starts to rumble or sway when going at high speeds. This can be extremely annoying for most users as they can not even rest in their vehicle. Although, you should note that a few stability issues are normal for trailers. Although, if this starts to get too much then your tires might be having a problem. The first thing that you should check is the pressure rating on your wheels.

This might be running below the recommended values which can cause issues like these. Filling up the tires back to a good PSI value should help you in getting rid of the problem. Although, keep in mind that your issue can also be from the tow bar on your vehicle. This is why you should visit a workshop to keep your trailer weighed. Make sure that the weight on it is distributed evenly.

This is a necessary process for people towing heavy trailers to their trucks. Without having a proper weight distribution, you will not only get sway issues but the frame of your truck can also get damaged. This is because all of the excess weight pushes pressure on your tow bar as well as your vehicle. Going back to keeping a check over the air in your tires.

If you find this process to be a hassle then there is one easy solution that you can go for. Installing a set of tire sensors will help you in keeping these filled up at all times. The tire sensors will keep you notified above the air level your tires are so that you can fill them back up whenever they go below a certain value.

2. Air Leaking from Tires

Another problem that many people complain about is that the air in their tires starts to leak out frequently. This can be quite annoying as driving with a tire in low air is dangerous and it can also damage the wheels. Considering this, you should start by checking the nozzle on your tires. This might be loose from the last time you filled up your wheels with air.

One easy way to check for any air leakage is by pouring a solution of soap and water on the tires. If any air is getting out then you will notice small bubbles forming on the nozzle. Tightening this should help in fixing the issue. However, if even this does not work then you might have to get your nozzle replaced with a new one. Other than this, the tires might also be punctured. You will have to take off your wheels to test them for any punctures.

3. Worn Out Tires

If you are still getting any issues on your Carlisle trailer tires even after going through the steps mentioned above. Then there is a high chance that these have gotten worn out. This is quite common and your tires will eventually require you to replace them. However, if the tires on your vehicle started to tear before you reached the mileage on it. Then you should contact the contact support for Carlisle. They have a warranty service that you can claim to get a replacement on your tires in case of problems like this. Although, there is also a list of guidelines that you will have to follow so keep that in mind.

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