Carlisle Radial Trail HD Review: Is It Worth The Price?

carlisle radial trail hd review
carlisle radial trail hd review

Recreational vehicles and motorhomes come with numerous features. These include having lots of storage to keep your luggage in as well as several rooms. You can even get additional equipment with your vehicles that will make you feel like you are traveling in your own home.

Though, you should keep in mind that regular maintenance is also essential for your vehicles.

While you might already look over your engine and batteries. The tires in your RVs and trucks are also quite important to keep in check. This is because any problems with these will make your vehicle unstable and difficult to drive around.

Although, no matter how much you look over the tires, these will eventually require a replacement. Considering this, there are many companies that you can go for but Carlisle is one of the best ones.

Carlisle Radial Trail HD Review

Carlisle is a famous company from Pennsylvania, Carlisle. This is where they got their name from and the brand has been manufacturing tires since 1917. They have tons of lineups that you can select from. This is why you can visit their website to find a list of all the tires available. Keep in mind that you have to select the type of vehicle you want tires for first before finding lineups made for it.

The features of this equipment also variate depending on the model. However, if you are looking to replace the tires on your RV or trailer then the Carlisle Radial Trail HD should be the best option for you. Most motorhome owners have already heard about these tires because of their popularity. Additionally, even if you check for recommendations online then you will see that the Radial Trail HD is among most lists.


Before getting to the price, you should keep in mind that these tires are extremely durable and should last you a long time. Even though that is the case, the price of these tires is still one of their main selling points. While going through Carlisle’s website, you should be able to find models even cheaper than the Radial Trail HD.

But these do not have the same features and durability provided by this model. Additionally, note that the price for these tires will depend on where you buy them from. Usually, these should go around 74$ which is quite cheap when you compare them with similar tires. Although, you should even be able to get these for cheaper at dealers or by using discount coupons.


The most important thing that you have to look out for in tires is their quality. Talking about this, the company Carlisle produces tires mostly made for heavy-duty vehicles. This includes tractors, motorhomes, RVs, and trailers. Considering this fact, it is safe to assume that the brand already understands how to build high-quality tires.

Furthermore, the company is one of the best ones when it comes to purchasing trailer tires so you should note have much trouble with their products. The technology used in these ensure that there is less resistance when driving around. This is result provides people with better fuel economy and saves them a lot when going out for long trips or drives.


As for the durability of these tires, the technology used to decrease the resistance when driving also protects the tires. This allows the product to last a long time without giving you any issues. Although, this does not mean that the tires do not require any maintenance. It is still essential that you keep the air pressure in your tires filled up to the recommended values.

Additionally, taking the vehicle to a workshop regularly will allow you to keep the alignment in check as well. If you still run into any problems with the tires before it has hit their mileage. Then you can contact the support team for Carlisle directly. They should be able to help you with any queries that you have as well as in fixing your issue.

The brand also has a warranty service that can be claimed to replace your tires. However, this has some guidelines and requirements that you have to go through first. These should be provided to you along with the tires so make sure that you read them. You can also find a copy of the warranty guidelines from Carlisle’s official website.

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