Carbon Monoxide Detector For Motorhome (Explained)

carbon monoxide detector for motorhome
carbon monoxide detector for motorhome

People all around the world enjoy going out on camping trips with their friends and family. Although, if you are an enthusiast then there is a high chance that you will stay on your trip for a much longer time. This is where motorhomes and RVs come in that are vehicles specifically designed to live in. People can stay on their trip for as long as they want to when they have a vehicle like this. Though, keep in mind that there are tons of other equipment required as well to keep the user relaxed. Additionally, maintaining your vehicle is necessary to ensure there are no problems with it.

Carbon Monoxide Detector for Motorhome

Talking about this, one of the main problems that you should be aware of is having a gas leakage. These can be quite dangerous as there is a chance of your vehicle exploding or poisoning everyone inside it. Most people who are staying in an RV for long durations will have propane tanks with them.

These have a high chance of leaking which is why you should keep them in check. You will notice that most propane tanks already have a little methane gas in them. The main reason for this is that propane does not have any color or odor. On the other hand, methane has a pungent smell similar to rotten eggs.

Considering this, if the gas leaks, people can easily identify it because of methane’s odor. However, if you get a leak while you are sleeping then there is no way to protect yourself. This is why companies have come up with detectors that will notice if there are any leakages. The user will then be alerted about the leak so that it can be taken care of.

Recommendations for Monoxide Detectors

Now that you understand why having monoxide detectors in your vehicle is so important. People might wonder which brands they can purchase these devices from. Considering this, numerous companies are manufacturing these detectors but you must choose one carefully. We will be providing you with a few brands that are known for some of the best monoxide detectors. Though, make sure that you still do your research before purchasing one of them.

1. Safe-T-Alert

Safe-T-Alert is one of the best brands that you can go for if you are interested in purchasing a monoxide detector for your motorhome. The company offers a wide range of devices that you can select between. All of these are equipped with numerous features that are unique to them. The best thing about this brand is that their equipment will easily last you at least 5 years. Though, it is recommended that you get your detector replaced after this period has passed.

2. Kidde

Kidde is another famous brand that is also known mainly for manufacturing detectors for carbon monoxide. Most of these devices can be powered up using AA batteries. These leave out the trouble of having to find a direct power source for your equipment. Additionally, the company claims that most of its models will last up to 10 years. You also have a warranty service on your device which can be used to get a free replacement in case of any problems.

3. FireAngel

FireAngel is another brand that is focused on manufacturing some of the best fire prevention tools. This includes carbon monoxide detectors, heat alarms as well as numerous other gadgets. You can either purchase a single device that you are interested in or get a package that includes several. All of this security equipment can then be connected to your mobile phone. This will help people in getting alerts from their devices and even allow them to control them easily.

Where to Install Carbon Monoxide Detector for Motorhome

Finally, once you have bought your detector, the question “where to install it?”, might come to your mind. Usually, the best place to install these devices is near your propane tanks or gas pipelines. This way the equipment will detect leakage as soon as possible. You can then take action quickly without running into any additional issues. Keep in mind that monoxide detectors that require direct power cannot be installed as easily but they last a much longer time.

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