3 Ways To Prepare For Camping With A 2 Year Old Kid

camping with a 2 year old kid
camping with a 2 year old kid

Most people love going out camping. Although, some of them might have little kids and this may worry them. However, if you take precautions and completely prepare for your trip then this can be a really good experience for your children as well as you. A family camping trip will enable your kids to understand the joy of being outside.

This is why some people might even consider taking toddlers with them. Camping with a 2-year-old kid or smaller can be quite challenging. Although, you should be prepared for it because it will involve a lot of running around.

Camping With A 2-Year-Old Kid- How To Prepare?

1. Preparing the Location for Your Trip

The preparations for your trip are going to be the most important part. This is because if you already have everything under control then you won’t have to worry about stuff later on. First of all, make sure where you are going to take your kid. It this is the first time you are considering going out camping with your child. Then it is recommended that you select a campground with which you are already familiar.

Alternatively, you can try to contact a friend of yours who can help you with gathering information about a campground with good policies. Also, make sure that the facilities provided by them are clean and have shaded spaces for camping.

After you are done with selecting the location, you should keep in mind that you set up your tent near a bathroom. This is because you are already going to be taking dozens of rounds to the washroom during your trip.

2. Packing Bags

While packing up all your bags, you should remember that your child is going to ruin the clothes and shoes with mud. This is why you should be packing clothes that you are alright with getting dirty and ruined.

Additionally, you should carry a bag of Ziplocs with you.  This will help you in separating all of your child’s clean clothes from the ones that have gotten dirty. Additionally, you should take snacks and juices with you because your kid will get hungry from time to time throughout your trip.

3. Precautions for Your Trip

Bugs are a huge nuisance when you are out in the wild. Most people usually put-up spray bugs so that they won’t get annoyed. Although, these sprays can be quite harmful to your child. Most sprays contain a chemical called Deet.

This is really harmful to their skin and can also cause itch or other similar problems. This is why while purchasing a big spray, you should look out for the labels and find a Deet-free spray.

Lastly, you are sure to be sitting around the campfire during your trip. Keep in mind that toddlers do not understand how dangerous fire can be. This is why you should put your child in a stroller and strap them in.

This way they won’t be excluded out and will enjoy the campfire along with you. If you don’t have a stroller then you can also consider purchasing a chair that can be folded down.

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