Why Do Campers Get Soft Spots On The Floor?

Why Do Campers Get Soft Spots On The Floor?
Why Do Campers Get Soft Spots On The Floor?

RV Problems: Why Campers Have Soft Spots on the Floor

If you are an experienced RV user, chances are you have already customized the floors of your current RV model and are constantly maintaining it. It’s always important to keep the floor in a good state because if you just don’t take care of it will go downhill from there. That’s what happens with some RV users that don’t do the proper maintenance to the floor causing the infamous soft spots on the floor which are terrible to have.

If you haven’t experienced them yet, we will explain what they are and tell you the most common causes for theses soft spots in the floor, and if you already have them how to properly repair them and how to avoid them again in the near future depending on what type of floor you have installed in your RV.

Soft spots on the floor are basically what their name says. They are sunken floor areas that are not on the same level as the rest of the surface, and you can spot them right away just by standing or walking over them. You will feel like your foot slightly sinks. But what causes this? There are different reasons but the most common are:


If the floor is too old and has had a lot of use over the past years assuming your RV is really old, it is possible that the subfloor got some damage making that area softer. If this is your case it can be fixed by fixing the subfloor, which acts as the base and support for the floor above it

Water damage

This is another very popular cause of soft spots in the floor, this damage is caused by the humidity of an inside leak under the floor. Some examples can be water leaks from water pipes or duct and vents, if you don’t spot these on time or fix them in a timely manner they will only get worse to the point that it can affect different areas of the RV and you will have to spend even more money in fixing it, instead of fixing the main problem that was small at some point. To fix this, you will have to remove the floor of the affected area, fix the leak and make sure it’s completely dry before sealing it again.


An interesting reason but also reported being a cause of soft spots – overcleaning. Some people clean with the wrong materials way too much which slowly but surely damages the floor making it soft. Some tips for this is to use a humidifier to clean to remove humidity or use cleaners that dry fast.

Manufacturer defect

This cause has also been reported by many users and it’s literally no one’s fault but the manufacturer. A faulty part of the floor was already damaged when the person bought the RV but they noticed it way too late. Luckily most sellers offer a warranty, just make sure you report it and claim as soon as you can to avoid any problems with the process since some warranties don’t last long.

Hopefully, these reasons and tips will help you maintain your floor even longer or take care of the problem ASAP.


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