3 Practices To Resolve Bigfoot Truck Camper Problems

bigfoot truck camper problems
bigfoot truck camper problems

Campers, RVs, and motorhomes are some of the best vehicles that you can purchase if you are a camping enthusiast. The features provided in them ensure that the user has a fun time on their trips. Although, the main issue people have is trying to decide what company to purchase their vehicle from. Considering this, it is important that you first check the specifications for a vehicle as well as its rating.

This helps the user in narrowing down the list of selections for them. You can then easily choose a vehicle that has all the features required by you. Talking about this, Bigfoot is one of the best brands known for manufacturing amazing campers. They have a huge lineup that you can select from. Although, there are also some problems that you can get with a Bigfoot truck camper. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a list of issues as well as steps to fix them.

Common Bigfoot Truck Camper Problems

1. No Labels on Light Switches

Bigfoot is a famous brand that has a huge lineup of vehicles that you can select from. Considering this, some of the problems listed might not be on every vehicle but it is still better that you know about them. Talking about this, one of the biggest complaints this company receives from its users is that there are no labels on their light switches.

This can be quite annoying as you will not be able to tell what switch has what functions. However, keep in mind that this was done for aesthetics. Even homes do not use labels on their light switches for the sole reason of looking good. Keeping this in mind, you can try checking all the switches one by one to confirm which one does what.

The user can then try memorizing these so that they do not have any problems in the future. While this will take some time, most people traveling a lot should be able to learn the functions of their switches within a few weeks. Alternatively, you can also use a sticky note or similar products to label the switches for a few months. This way you can easily remove the product without leaving any residue once you have learned all the patterns.

2. Old Tank Sensors

Having a supply of water in your vehicle is one of the best things about owning a camper or RV. Although, you should understand that the water in your vehicle is not unlimited. You have to fill up the water tank every time you leave for a trip. Additionally, removing all of this water in a disposable area is also necessary as keeping all of this stored in your vehicle for a long time can cause rust.

Considering this, one issue that many people run into is having trouble when trying to fill up the tank on their Bigfoot camper. The main reason behind this is that these vehicles use sensors that have now become outdated. Most brands have already upgraded their vehicles to use the latest sensors while Bigfoot is still running the old ones.

Although, you can easily replace the sensor system on your vehicle with the new one. The procedure for this is quite simple but one thing that you should keep in mind is that the new sensors are supported by your tank. Other than this, you should not have much problem when trying to replace them.

3. Faulty Equipment

Finally, another problem that people can get with their Bigfoot truck camper is that it has some faulty equipment. Before trying to troubleshoot the device, you should ensure that your issue was not from the power cable being disconnected. If your issue is still there then your best option is to contact the support team for Bigfoot.

Provide the team with detailed information about your issue. If the equipment was damaged when you got it. Then the brand will replace this with a new one using your warranty service. Some guidelines have to be followed but you can easily go through them. Other than that, you can try taking your equipment to a store to get it fixed or replace it with a new one. Although, these options are not as effective as the first because you will have to pay a lot of money.

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