Battery Not Charging While Driving: 3 Solutions

battery not charging while driving
battery not charging while driving

Going out con camping trips with your family and friends can be a lot of fun. Although, when it comes to enthusiasts, these users will stay on their trips for long periods. This is why they usually purchase larger vehicles that can carry all of their luggage. Another feature that you get on motorhomes is the ability to use electrical appliances.

This can be amazing but you have to keep in mind that the power on your vehicle is limited. Using electrical appliances on your vehicle for too long can easily drain the batteries which will give you a lot of problems. Talking about this, one issue that users report is that their battery is not charging while they are driving. If you are also getting the same problem then here are some steps that you can try to fix your issue.

Troubleshooting Steps for Battery Not Charging While Driving

1. Clean Battery Terminals

The batteries on your vehicle are one of the most important parts. This is because if these stop working then your motorhome or car will also stop moving. This can be quite annoying to deal with as you are unable to drive your vehicle. Although, keep in mind that this is exactly why you must keep your batteries maintained.

One of the most common reasons why you can run into a problem like this is if the terminals on your battery are not clean. Small layers of oxide form on these terminals which completely covers them with time. This corrosion might not affect the batteries at first but it will eventually cut off the connection.

Depending on which terminal is covered, either the battery will stop charging or stop supplying electricity. Luckily, the solution is cleaning up the terminals and taking off all this corrosion. If you notice that the oxide layers have become stuck. Then you can simply pour warm water on it and then scrub it using a toothbrush. This will allow you to take off all the corrosion and your batteries should now start charging.

2. Check Wires

The next thing that you should try is checking the connections on your batteries. The wires supplying current to your vehicle can sometimes get loose. Considering this, you can simply access these by opening the hood of your motorhome. Simply tightening a connection that was cut off should allow you to get rid of this issue.

3. Battery Might Be Getting Old

Finally, if you are still getting the same problem on your vehicle then there is a high chance that your batteries have gotten old. You can test them using a voltmeter but make sure that the battery is properly charged beforehand. Notice the difference in voltage on your batteries after some time using a voltmeter.

If this is dropping then that might mean your batteries require a replacement. One thing to keep in mind is that these batteries eventually die and require replacements. Although, if your battery died before the recommended mileage on it then you should be able to claim its warranty service. Contact the support team for your battery’s manufacturing company for this.

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