Allure ISOCORE vs Allure Ultra: What’s The Difference?

allure isocore vs allure ultra
allure isocore vs allure ultra

Recreational Vehicles or motorhomes are one of the best options for people who enjoy going out on trips. These vehicles come with numerous features that allow you to stay relaxed on your journey.

Though, it is also important that you lookout for the maintenance of these motorhomes. This will help you in ensuring that your vehicle does not run into any problems while you are on your trip.

While most people think that maintenance of your vehicle includes checking the engines, batteries, and tires.

The seals and interior of your vehicle are also important. If the flooring of your vehicle gets damaged, then the entire vehicle can start to run into problems. This is why you might want to change the flooring in case of any issue or some other reason.

Considering this, choosing Vinyl plans for flooring is one of the most popular decisions. Two options that you can go for are Allure ISOCORE and Allure Ultra. We will be using this article to provide you with a comparison between these two.

Allure ISOCORE vs Allure Ultra


If you want to have some of the most premium-looking floorings in your vehicle then vinyl floors are the top options. Talking about this, TrafficMaster is considered to be among the best if not the best companies that you can go for in this case.

The brand is a part of Home Depot and has a huge lineup that you can select from. ISOCORE is one of these lineups and uses a different technology than most standard flooring. The Allure ISOCORE unique structure allows it to be extremely stable as well as durable.

Aside from this, the planks for this model come in large sizes. This makes it easier for people to install these in their vehicles or homes. Additionally. Some other benefits that this model comes with are is being extremely lightweight.

Considering this, the user does not have to worry about the weight of their frame when installing this flooring. Furthermore, ISOCORE is waterproof which takes out a lot of worries that most RV drivers have.

This is because, in case of a leak, the first thing that the user has to protect is their flooring. However, because the Vinyl coating will be waterproof, the user can simply take out the water and will not have to worry about the frame getting damaged.

As for the requirements of having an underlayment. This already comes pre-attached with Allure ISOCORE and you can start installing the flooring without any additional preparation. Finally, the flooring also has its locking profiles built into it which makes it easier for the user to install these.

Allure Ultra

When it comes to having high-quality luxury vinyl flooring in your home or RV. The first thing that might come to your mind is how expensive some of these types of vinyl can get.

On the other hand, if you decide to go for a lower price flooring then the durability of it will be quite bad. However, Allure Ultra is a popular series of vinyl flooring from TrafficMaster that is both affordable as well as extremely durable.

Aside from this, there are tons of other features that this flooring comes with as well. These include having a thick wear layer.

This means that the top layer of your flooring will be at least 12 millimeters making it extremely sturdy and durable. Additionally, the Allure Ultra comes in different styles. These include colors, stone looks as well as wood grain styles.

Considering this, the user is not limited to what type of vinyl flooring they will get and should be able to purchase one by matching it with their room. Allure Ultra is also waterproof just like Allure ISOCORE.

Additionally, the installation for this flooring is also simple like the previous model. This is why the user should be able to install the entire vinyl sheets in their motorhome without any third-part help. Finally, Allure Ultra also does not have requirements for an underlayment.

When it comes to choosing one of the vinyl floorings over the other. The choice usually depends on the user. Both of these have great features which are why you should take a look at both of their designs. You can then purchase the model that you like more or are comfortable with.

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