3 Common Aliner Camper Problems (Troubleshooting)

aliner camper problems
aliner camper problems

Pop-up camper is a type of vehicle that is made to be towed down. It is a recreational vehicle; this means that it is designed to be lived in or taken out for camping or trips.

These vehicles allow for easy transport and storage. Considering this, Aliner is said to be the first company that came up with the design of pop-up vehicles. These have been manufacturing from the early 1970s.

Most campers that have used this vehicle have enjoyed their trips. Although, the Aliner camper still has some problems that the users might find frustrating and annoying to deal with.

Keeping that in mind, here are a few common problems that you might face when using the Aliner Camper and how to fix them.

Common Aliner Camper Problems

  1. Aliners Roof Not Sealing Properly

Even though most Aliners are completely free of bugs and do not get any leakage. Many reviewers have reported that the seal on their Aliners has started to come loose. They complain that there is a gap between the roof of their vehicle and where the sides are. This makes it so that any water, dirt or bugs might ender from this space to the vehicle.

This will damage your Aliner and can cause a lot of damage. However, the main reason for this to happen is that the user has not been maintaining his vehicle. You should keep in mind that a Aliner requires their users to maintain the vehicle yearly. These areas should be checked on and taken care of if any problem occurs.

Additionally, if you do not level your vehicle properly. Then the ceilings and walls will not line up properly. This will also end up making the seal on your vehicle weak and suspectable to damage.

  1. Windows Rubber Coming Loose

Another problem that a user might run into can be that the rubber on your windows can start to come loose. This can happen for various number of reasons such as the climate being too hot or cold or some other similar problem. IF this happens then the water from rain will start to enter your vehicle. This will damage the insides of your Aliner, damaging its walls.

Although, there is no need to be worried about this as there are a number of fixes that you can use to solve this issue. The first thing you do is to stretch the rubber back to its original position. But keep in mind that you do not apply too much force because that might end up tearing the rubber. If this does not place the rubber back to its place. Then you can try to use a blow drying or some other source of heat to apply a high temperature to the rubber on the seals of your window.

After a little heat is applied, the rubber will start to come loose. You can easily adjust it and place it back into the window. Wait for a few minutes and after the rubber has cooled off, your windows should now look perfect. Lastly, if both of these don’t fix your problem then you can get the seals on your windows replaced by contacting a mechanic. Alternatively, you can purchase new seals and replace them yourself by taking out the windows.

  1. No Door Stops

Most Aliners do not come with a door stop installed in them. This makes it quite annoying when you need its door to stay open. Another problem with this is that the doors will rub against the Aluminum on the outside of your vehicle. Every time you open the door it will hit the outside of your vehicle making the molding on the outside bend and get damaged. The best way to fix this problem is to purchase some doorstops from a store nearby.

Alternatively, you can easily get them online. Install these on your device so that the door can easily stay open when needed. Additionally, this will also stop the door from hitting the outside aluminum on your vehicle. In case you have any difficulty while putting up the door stops; you can contact a mechanic nearby. They should be able to help you with your problem.

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