Air Tabs Review 2022: Is It Worth The Price?

air tabs review
air tabs review

People who own motorhomes and recreational vehicles know how important it is to keep these maintained. On top of keeping these vehicles in top-notch condition from their insides, you should also keep them polished from the outside. This includes cleaning up the vehicle and even applying good quality wax on it.

Due to this, your vehicle will be prevented from running into any problems. Additionally, these will look brand new all the time. Aside from this, some people also use equipment that can help in their vehicle performing better. These have various types and will affect different aspects of your vehicle. One of these are air tabs.

Air Tabs Review

Air tabs are unique accessories that you can put on your RVs, which then allow you to have better performance on them. These are uniquely designed in the shape of small wishbones. This gives your vehicle better aerodynamics and can improve a number of things.

These include having a better fuel economy, safety as well as low cost. The accessory reduces the amount of air pressure exerted on your vehicles in the areas that it has been applied on.  The user usually has to install this on the side or back of your vehicle. You also have the option to install it on the roof of your RV.

Although to find the best possible locations, it is better that you check out the website of air tabs. It should guide you on these locations according to the type of vehicle that you are driving. The vehicles that this best works on are cube-shaped. This includes trucks, SUVs, RVs, and even expeditors.

While you can also put these up on other cars as well, the performance for them might not be as noticeable. Each and every Air tab that you decide to install on your vehicle will create two tight swirls each.

Afterward, when you are driving at high speeds the suction created by the winds will be reduced from these swirls. These allow users to keep their vehicle stable even when they are driving it at high speeds.


The company lists a number of features that their product can deliver. The most debated one out of all of these is the fuel economy one. The company suggests that your vehicle will save a total of 2.5% fuel saving overall. Most people who heard about this had a lot of doubts.

You can even see a number of articles from people talking about this. According to the feedback from these people, it shows that there is no difference in fuel consumption after using these Air tabs. This shows that the following claim from the company is inaccurate so you should remember to keep this in mind.

Aside from this, another feature of these Air tabs is having better stability on your vehicle. People have reported that they noticed a slight increase in the overall experience of driving their vehicles. Although, the difference is not something that really matters.

Considering this, most of these features don’t really provide vehicles with a benefit that would make people recommend them. Even if you visit the official website for air tabs, then you can find that they give information about their product. But this only shows how it works. There are no links that provide you with actual data with facts that could prove their theory.

Bottom Line

One thing to consider is that this product has no return policy or warranty from the company. This means that if you decide to purchase these Air tabs then you cannot refund them. Consequently, it is up to you to decide if you want to try these out on your vehicle or not.

If you are interested in giving these a try then you should give them a go. These can easily be purchased from the website. The company provides its users with a number of options for the payment method.

Aside from this, these can also be purchased from dealers and stores. You can even find a list of all these from the website. You can even contact the helping if you want to purchase these in bulk. They should be able to help you with getting a discount on this product.

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