Air Shocks vs Air Bags: What’s The Difference?

air shocks vs air bags
air shocks vs air bags

Keeping your vehicle well maintained prevents it from running into problems. On top of this, it ensures you that your RV or car will drive smoothly leaving you relaxed.

There are some parts in your vehicle that can be customized to increase its performance. These include its batteries, shocks, and even tires. Although, some vehicles use struts over the traditional shocks.

Struts are a mixture of equipment combined with shocks. The main purpose of shocks is to keep the vehicle completely stable. This is done by keeping your vehicle’s pavement attached to the shocks.

These will then negate any shocks coming from the road giving you a stable ride. Considering this, you might be thinking about replacing your old shocks with a set of new ones.

Although, companies have now started to manufacture new types of these shocks that you can use on your vehicles. Two of the best options that you can go for are Air shocks and Air bags.

If you are confused between these two, then this article should help you out finding all the information about these.

Air Shocks vs Air Bags

Air Shocks

Regular shocks can get damaged over time and will then require a replacement. Alternatively, you might be thinking of upgrading the shocks on your vehicle from the old traditional ones.

In this case, your best option can be air shocks. These work in the same way as simple shocks but the improvement provided by them is far better.

You will notice a significant boost in the performance of your vehicle after installing these. Aside from this, the best feature that comes with these air shocks is their ability to be adjusted.

Users can move around the shocks and customize their heights. This allows you to change the suspension of your vehicle at any given time. Different levels of suspension provide different driving experiences, which means that you can test around all the suspensions to select one that you are comfortable with.

Additionally, the height of the shock also indicates how stiff your ride will be. The lower you decide to go with the suspension, the stiffer your vehicle will get. While that was the case for most air shocks, companies are now working on providing separate changeability over the stiffness and suspension of vehicles.

Though it is important that you keep this in mind and if your vehicle seems stiff then you can try increasing the height of your shocks. Lastly, one of the most important things to look for while purchase these shocks is what brand you get them from.

Different companies provide support for specific models of vehicles that you can equip their shocks on. This means that you need to look out for compatibility while selecting these air shocks. Going through the reviews and specifications of the product page will also help you in checking what vehicle the shocks are manufactured for.

Air Bags

Airbags are an alternative to air shocks. These are made for the same objective but you should note that air shocks put on a lot of stress on the hanger of your vehicle. This usually happens when you install these on a truck, RV, or some similar heavy vehicle.

The weight on these vehicles is too much for air shocks to handle and they will then start to run into some issues. Some people have even said that they feel no difference between air shocks and normal shocks.

This is because the shocks coming on a vehicle under a lot of loads are too much for the air shocks to negate. This is where airbags come in. These devices are designed to be used on vehicles that run under load.  But there are two types of air bags that you can install on your vehicle.

One of these helps your vehicle in having a smooth ride. This is provided by negating shocks coming from the bumps on the road. The second type of air bag is designed to increase the overall load capacity that your vehicle can handle.

This allows users to put up and carry even more luggage on their vehicles without any problems. If you are interested in purchasing air bags then make sure that you go through the two types before selecting one.

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