5th Wheel Landing Gear Clicking (Explained)

5th wheel landing gear clicking
5th wheel landing gear clicking

Going out on camping trips with your family and friends can be a lot of fun. Although, purchasing a motorhome is not the best choice for some enthusiasts. This is because of the extremely large size of these vehicles. Additionally, if you are someone who already has a truck then getting another large vehicle with a powerful engine is not required. This is exactly why people decide to get campers and trailers instead.

These have the same features on them as regular motorhomes, but the only main difference is that there are no engines in these vehicles. Instead of it, you have to town down the vehicle with your truck or car and then carry it around. One essential piece of equipment that is required for this is having a good quality tow bar. Aside from this, you just have to ensure that the hitching system is supported by your towing bar.

5th Wheel Landing Gear

5th Wheel vehicles are large campers that include bedrooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom in them. Aside from this, you have tons of space for storing your equipment. Additionally, there should be lots of equipment and electrical appliances in your vehicle depending on what model you bought. There are some issues that you can get on these campers but most of them are related to stability when driving.

This is why it is important that you get a good tow bard and properly distribute the weight between your vehicles. Once all of this is done, you should be able to start using your vehicle without much problem. Although, when you park a camper this large, it must be equipped with a good pair of jacks. These are also known as landing gear and will ensure that your vehicle remains stable when parked. Without these, you will notice that the 5th wheel starts to wobble whenever you are moving inside the vehicle.

5th Wheel Landing Gear Clicking

Now that you understand what landing gear are and how they work. You should note that sometimes people will hear a gear clicking sound when trying to use the landing gear on their 5th wheel. This can be quite worrisome as the jacks breaking can be dangerous. Although, you should note that this sound is just an indication of their being a problem.

If you get this fixed as soon as possible then there should be no major issues. It is mostly recommended that you take your equipment to a workshop to get it checked. However, if you are someone who wants to check your jacks on your own then some troubleshooting steps can be used. The first thing to look out for is the screws in these jacks.

Make sure that none of these are loose or have come off. If you notice any then tightening or installing the screws back in should help in fixing your problem. On the other hand, the sound might be coming from your motor. This indicates that the device is going bad and you will have to replace the motor with a new one.

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