3 Common 5th Airborne Sidewinder Problems (Troubleshooting)

5th airborne sidewinder problems
5th airborne sidewinder problems

Trailers are the best thing that one can possibly get their hands on for a better camping experience. They provide you the right comfort that you need to make it work for the camping trips out there in the country.

Not only it will add a lot more of storage space for you that you can use to haul all the stuff that you are going to require for camping, but it can also be the sleeper and you can make sure that you are sleeping under a strong roof without having to take all those unnecessary risks that you don’t have to and enjoy a more comfortable and safer camping experience.

Yet, you also need to be careful about the equipment you are choosing to haul that trailer with your vehicle and the most important among them is the kingpin or hitch that is used to mount that trailer with your vehicle.

Reese 61412 Elite Airborne/Sidewinder is one such hitch that you can use for Reese to mount all those trailers with your camper van or some other truck. Yet, there are some common problems that you might have to face with it, and their common solutions are:

5th Airborne Sidewinder Problems

1) Harder to fix

This one is a professional hitch and it goes without saying that it might be a little tougher than the other hitches or kingpins to fix up. That is why, it is not recommended for a newbie to use and at times you can get in trouble as well, if you are trying to fix it up wrong and not fitting it up properly.

Obviously, no one would want to have such problems on a road trip and spoil their whole experience.

So, if you are new to the camper vans or these hitches, you will need to make sure that you are getting it fixed with some professional who knows what they are dealing with. That will solve up most of the fixing problems for you.

Always get someone from an authorized dealership to assemble and disassemble the Reese 61412 Elite Airborne/sidewinder and that will ensure that you are not having any sort of problems like breaking down on the road, not taking enough load, causing too much problems with the stability and even harder to take off when you want to.

2) Squeaking Sounds

There are plenty of parts on this hitch and that calls for all these squeaking sounds that you might be getting on and off from the hitch. That is why it is not recommended for such users who are not taking the road trips on regular basis and are only about some occasional trips like once or twice a year.

This is a professional hitch that would need proper care and maintenance and you will nee to make sure that you are taking care of it properly every time you plan on mounting a trailer or even if you are keeping it in the garage for extended periods.

So, lubrication is your best choice and since it is not easy enough for you to mount and dismount the hitch at all times, you will need to make sure that you are keeping it lubricated properly.

You will need to use the grease that is recommended by Reese on the hitch to make sure that you are avoiding all such squeaking sounds for good and that will help you with an enhanced overall experience that you are getting with this hitch and there will be no squeaking sounds at all that you can find.

3) Spare Parts

There are multiple spare parts, and you will have to deal with tens of them on this hitch to mount it up properly. So, if you lose some of these parts, it can get really troublesome for you to find these spare parts and that is not only a tough job, but it will have a certain impact on the utility part as well.

It will be always helpful if you keep these spare parts handy at all times when you are dealing with assembling and disassembling the hitch. You can always, make sure to source these parts from the Reese official stores and that will help you out of these tight corners as well.

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