3 Common Holiday Rambler Motorhome Problems (Troubleshooting)

holiday rambler motorhome problems
holiday rambler motorhome problems

Holiday Rambler is a famous company that manufactures RVs or also known as recreational vehicles. This company has been known for the introduction of using aluminum as the main body frame of RVs. This makes the vehicle to be stronger and lighter than before.

On top of these, this company has also been making tanks, refrigerators, and similar stuff for their vehicles for a very long time. Considering this, you might have also purchased one of these RVs if you love going out on trips on them. Although, it can be pretty fun to use this vehicle, there are still a number of problems that the Holiday Rambler Motorhome might run into.

When you run into a problem while you are out on your trip then it can get really frustrating to deal with. This is why we will be using this article to tell you about some common problems with the Holiday Rambler Motorhome and how to fix them.

Holiday Rambler Motorhome Problems

  1. Trailing Arm Problems

Many users have reported that while using this vehicle they noticed that their RV started to wobble suddenly. This can be really dangerous and you might even panic. Although it is advised that you slow down your vehicle and get it back to a safe place as soon as possible.

The most common reason for this is that the trailing arm attaching your tires to the RV might have become damaged. The arms used by Holiday Ramble are potentially weak and can break quite easily. You should park your vehicle in a safe spot then take a look at all the wheels from below. If you notice that one of the trailing arms has broken down then this is what is causing your vehicle to wobble. It can be hard to get a new part from contacting the company but you should still try it.

If your vehicle is in warranty then they might be able to help you. Although, in most cases, you will have to contact a workshop nearby or drive your vehicle to them. Tell them that your trailing arm has broken down and needs to be replaced. They should be able to find you a new part that will fit into your RV and then get it replaced.  Keep in mind that it is really dangerous to drive around your vehicle when the trailing arm has broken down. This is why you should keep your RV parked until you get it fixed.

  1. Handling and Tire Issues

While using the Holiday Rambler Motorhome, you might notice that your vehicle is not responding to the steering wheel as it should. You will notice that the wheel is requiring more input than it should be requiring. This will the vehicle very uncomfortable to drive as it will even require the full attention of the driver while going on a simple straight road.

Most people ignore this and will get used to it with time. However, you should not overlook this and get your handling fixed by a professional as soon as you can. If your vehicle is moving sideways while the steering is straight. Then is most likely a problem with your alignment. This can easily be fixed by going to a tire shop. Tell them that you want your vehicle’s alignment to be fixed and they will take all the tires and then weigh them.

Most workshops usually use a machine that equals down all the weight on each and every tire. This is done by adding small pieces of metal to the frame of your tire to add weight to the lighter ones. After the alignment on your tires has been fixed you should also get fresh air blown into them.

Lastly, after your tires have been fixed, get your steering wheel checked as well. It might have become too loose. The workshop will fix your wheel and will work better than it used to after this.

  1. Water Issues

There are quite a number of issues that your vehicle might run into relating to water. This is why it is recommended that you empty out your tanks after you are done using the RV. Also, before you use the toilet you should refill the tank. Most of the problems relating to water will require professional help. This is why it is recommended that you contact the company if you run into any problem related to water lines or pumps.

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