Monaco RV Model Comparison: Monaco Signature vs Monaco Marquis

monaco rv model comparison
monaco rv model comparison

If you are someone who enjoys going out on camping trips. Then you might also want to take your friends and family with you. Though, when it comes to this, people have to store a lot of luggage.

This is quite difficult when traveling on smaller vehicles. This is why people decide to purchase recreational vehicles and motorhomes instead.

These are much larger and provide you with lots of features. Including a bedroom to sleep in, a kitchen as well as a bathroom. Many companies manufacture these vehicles out of which Monaco is considered to be one of the best.

There are two different lineups that the brand has come up with. We will be using this article to provide you with a model comparison between the two Monaco RVs. This should make it easier for you to select one of them.

Monaco RV Model Comparison

1) Monaco Signature

Monaco Coach RVs is a famous brand that is a part of the REV Group. The group is responsible for the ownership of multiple other manufacturers along with Monaco. Each of these has its lineups that you can select from.

Another important thing to note is that all of the vehicles have amazing features that are built onto them. While Monaco only has two different models to select from, both of these are designed in the same way.

The Signature and Marquis models are manufactured to provide users with a luxurious experience. The modern style used for their interior ensures this. The floorplans provided by these companies have lots of options to choose from. These allow you to completely modify the layout of your rooms.

The user can select from numerous selections which also change the length of your vehicle. These range from 40 feet to a total of 43 feet. You can easily choose between them to select a floorplan that best suits you.

Among the different options, some of these even offer you King beds, bund beds, or air mattresses. You can also select some add-ons which will then come pre-installed with your vehicle. Equipment like dryers, washers, and bath options are usually installed when you purchase the RV. The 40L floorplan comes with comfortable seating so that the user can stay relaxed. You are provided with a LED TV as well as recliners spread all around your rooms.

2) Monaco Marquis

The Monaco Marquis is quite similar to the Signature model. However, the main difference between these vehicles is that the Marquis focuses more on Luxury. The engine installed in it is a standard one while Signature uses a diesel one.

The best thing about Marquis is that it offers much more color options when compared to the prior models. There are a total of four colors that you can select from. These only apply to the exterior of your vehicle while the interior is the same on all the models.

The Marquis model gives you much more add-ons to select from. These include adding washer dryers, fireplaces, and even equipment for your kitchen. The vehicle is a fully customizable RV which makes it a great option for people who want to select the products of their choice.

Considering this, it is better if you visit the company’s store directly If you are interested. They should already have vehicles stored with all the floorplans with them. Taking a look at them should be you a lot with your decision. You can then purchase the RV directly from them and should also be provided with a warranty. These warranty services last for a few years.

You can claim them in case of any problem and the brand should provide you with free replacements. Though, it is better if you read through the guidelines provided with the vehicle. These contain all the information required along with troubleshooting steps to help you out. You can even consult the manual or contact the helpline provided by Monaco.

Their team should help you with any queries that you had. Both the models are quite similar and the only main difference between them Is their engine. If you enjoy going out on longer trips then the Signature should be best for you. But if you want to focus more on comfort then the Marquis should be the best choice.

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