Eureka Apex 2 vs Eureka Apex 2XT- Which One?

eureka apex 2 vs 2xt
eureka apex 2 vs 2xt

Tents are shelters made from a sheet of cloth or fabric. The material used for them can depend on where you might be purchasing them. However, this is one of the most important factors about these. This is because the material of the tent will allow the users to decide which conditions, they can use it in and how long it might end up lasting them.

While having a tent and using it might sound useless to most people, these are highly essential for someone going on a camping trip. These tents allow users to spend their nights out in the wilderness while having a place to sleep and rest comfortably at night. They can even protect themselves from rain, insects, and any other bad weather.

One of the best companies that manufacture tents is known as Eureka. While they might have a huge lineup of tents that the users can select from. There are 2 models that stand out, being the Apex 2 and 2XT. These are similar in most cases but the slight differences might matter for some people. This is why we will be telling you about both of these tents so that you can decide on purchasing one of them.

Eureka Apex 2 vs 2XT

Eureka Apex 2

The Eureka Apex 2 is an improved version of the company’s previous apex model. There have been a number of features implemented into this tent after listening to the user’s feedback. The overall design of this camping tent is a rectangular tent that looks like a dome when viewed from afar. The tent uses a unique design that allows users to put up another cover on top of their tent. This is opened up from one side and can be used according to the user.

You can either put this cover around your tent and completely block it off. This allows you to stay protected from heavy rainfall and bad climate conditions. Alternatively, the users can also rotate this cover completely to the backside. This allows them to easily come in and go out of the tent.

Additionally, this fly cover provided by them will cover the exterior storage of your tent. This way you can keep all your belongings protected from any dirt or insects. The overall frame for this camp is made completely from fiberglass which allows for an easy setup.

This also allows users to easily carry around the tent because of its lightweight. The sides of this tent have been covered up by wraps. This prevents any splashing water to enter the tent as well as keeping it protected even if there is standing water all around the tent. However, if the water level rises above the wraps then it might start to enter your camp. Lastly, there are a number of pockets provided all around the tent to allow users with easy access to all of their items.

Eureka Apex 2XT

The Apex 2XT is quite similar to the Apex 2. The shape of it is also the exact same as the other tent. The doors used on this tent are made completely from a mesh material. This allows users to easily access the tent without much trouble. Additionally, the tent has two doors in it, one in the front and one in the back of this tent. While the tent was designed to be used by 2 people, you can even fit 3 people in this model. This is if you are comfortable with being a little cramped up.

The overall frame structure for this model is also made from fiberglass however, these are then attached to a central hub which is made from nylon. This allows users to both set up and fold up the tent really fast. On top of this, the nylon hub prevents the users from losing any parts while taking down the tent. The top of this tent also has small mesh panels built into them which allows any hot air to easily leave the tent.

Both of these are great for use on your camping trips. The main difference between these tents is that one is designed to be used in climates where there might be no rain and the other is designed mainly to be used under rainfall. In the end, it depends on the user to decide one out of these two depending on their preference.

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